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Ancient history: Useless V1 to V2
The original Useless token, which promised nothing at all, was created as a joke by an enigmatic developer known only as "OG Dev." Our old community leader, Carc, along with others, discovered it the day it launched.

Back then, Carc was a Reddit moderator along with some of us for a different project. He introduced us to Useless, but at first glance, it seemed more like a digital novelty than a serious endeavor—so at the time it didn t quite spark our interest.

After some time, it became clear that OG dev didn't really want to do anything with the project and wanted to abandon it. Not one to let an amusing meme token fade into obscurity, Carc proposed a bold move: he asked OG Dev to secure the token s liquidity pool for a full decade and hand the reigns over to the community. OG Dev agreed and, after passing the baton, disengaged from the project entirely.

Carc, being the spirited individual he is, stepped forward to help nurture the project, and that's when many of us started rallying behind him to help organize and shape this community-driven endeavor.

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What is Eclipse?
Eclipse is a multi-chain cryptocurrency token redefining utility for web3. Eclipse powers a decentralized, web3 token ranking and advertising system. Run by a DAO and focused on utility, Eclipse is partnered with the All For One crypto wallet and trading app, which utilizes the Decentralized Exchange Network (DEN) owned by Eclipse to allow seamless in-app trading of thousands of cryptocurrency tokens.
Where did Useless go?
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