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Decentralized Ranking App
The Eclipse Multi-Chain Advertising Ranking App is a decentralized advertising system that is powered by the Eclipse token. Crypto tokens on the Binance and Ethereum blockchains can list their project and compete with one another to rise up the ranks to be viewed across several of our partner platforms!
Click below to learn more about our app and how to become partnered with us or prove that your project has what it takes to Eclipse the competition!
NFT support now available!
About Eclipse Token: Redefining utility for web3
Decentralized Exchange Network (DEN):
Our smart contracts power the All For One app! The DEN allows for seamless buy/sell transactions within the wallet for all of your favorite DeFi tokens listed on supported DEXs!
Multichain Token
Eclipse utilizes the Stargate Bridge to exist seamlessly on both Binance and Ethereum blockchains with minimal fees and a 1:1 no-slippage bridging experience. Stargate, using Layer Zero's messaging protocol, enables us to have a global supply to support multiple chains for our utilities!
Governed by a DAO
Our philosophy is to be as decentralized and community-led as possible, which is why we've organized as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Every holder has a voice in how the project is run and joining is as simple as buying Eclipse.
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